About Us

Is your credit low? This is not a problem with Amherst Street Investments Corp. If your credit has taken a toll for any reason, we can provide you with credit repair assistance so that you will be able to speed up the loan approval process.

You have the option of living in your home while you repair your credit or build the reported income needed to qualify for a loan. Traditional sellers would never let you move in before the agreement of the bank. We, at Amherst Street Investments Corp, are a little different.
Leasing your dream home with the option to buy means that you will be given the option to purchase it at some point, but this is not required. You have the flexibility of renting a home while having the peace of mind of knowing that you can stay forever if you need to.
Amherst Street Investments Corp serves five cities for your convenience, with two of them being Boston and Quincy. Give us a call today!